Just Write!

So hey! I haven’t updated the site in awhile or done much with not cause I’ve been busy trying to graduate, make money, working on a few other sites, & more stuff that I’m not getting to. But he there are worse things than no updating a blog, especially one that isn’t really read! Well hopefully this about to all change. Okay maybe not the lack of leadership and getting everything I want to done, but I will say I want to, no I NEED to write more.
I’ve always dreaded writing but would rather prefer talking forever without end. While people see me as shy and quite really I’m just observing waiting till I’m given permission to speak or feel like I have enough information or the write phrasing to say what I need to say. While talking is good, really it’s great but the thing is it disappears once said just to be replaced by some other words, noise, or even silence. Writing will give me a way to look back at what I ‘said’, thought, and felt accurately when I look back for ideas or to just see how far I’ve come.
Also writing I can do by myself. I don’t need anyone to listen at that moment, I just need a way of recording my thoughts which gives me release and as I mentioned earlier a record over time.
Lastly writing is important for my career, which is ironic because of how much I hate writing and grammar.* While I don’t desire to be a screenwriter, it is important that I can write coherently and at length because I will need to write scripts some day. Whether it be that in that day I am the screenwriter, a producer or director making some tweaks or giving notes, or even if I end up not in film but politics or business writing or delivering speeches.
So to give y’all a sense of what is to come I’ll mention a few things I’ll probably be writing on. Personal, being well things happening to me. Some business/industry stuff both relating to my career and what’s going on in the film industry. Editorials, when I need to get my opinion out on a subject or even just share cool or disturbing things I’ve seen or heard that doesn’t have to do with the film industry. Also I might occasionally write out ideas or stories I hopes of help or someone maybe seeing one and being able to do more with the idea than I can.
So here is to writing!

* These posts on this blog while filtered of extremely personal and potentially hot button topics are NOT filtered grammatically or for a ton of coherence. Right now the purpose is to enjoy writing so until I miss something that I regret posting, whether due to subject or composition, these posts won’t be very well edited. Which basically means grammar nazis BACK OFF & if there is a confusion over meaning then just email me or leave a comment.