Texas Creed

College Football is upon us, hallelujah! Already had TCU in a closer than expected game & Jim Harbaugh’s return to Michigan has already taken a might left-coast hook to the chin from the Utah Utes. As for me, I’ve got my horns up! Ready to see what Coach Strong & company can do as they head in to South Bend this Saturday night for what will be the start to a very challenging season. Hopefully the Horns can come up with a few right hooks, & left jabs to knock Notre Dame off & come away with a W or at least a hard fought loss.

In addition to being pumped for college football, I’m excited for the upcoming Creed film with the outstanding Michael B. Jordan. With such excitement for both, I decided to do a little mash up of the Creed trailer & a lot of UT football content. So feel free to check it out & share it! Also make sure to wait till all the way at the end as I added a little Marvel-esque end credits “Flair” to the end of it.

Hook’em Horns!!!