I originally entered into the world of media production as a kid with a camera. When I was little my family and I were involved and apart of many weddings, and I began to take pictures with the family film camera. As it turned out, my photos were popular amongst many of the couples. Then with the advent of the computer age, my confidence and capabilities grew as my interests drifted to this new interface.

My focus and abilities slowly grew over the years from photography to include less artistic ventures and new found interests in robotics, programming, politics, and engineering alongside a growing in-the-field education in sound engineering, mixing, and recording from middle school to my early high school years.

interests in robotics, programming, politics, and engineering

After exploring other fields in media, the arts, and the maths and sciences, I narrowed my focus to film. To pursue a career in film I choose to study at The University of Texas at Austin where I earned my bachelors of science in Radio-TV-Film. At Texas, I volunteered in the sports and news departments of the student television station, Texas Student Television (TSTV), interned at Sparksight, a video production company, produced Lost Pines, a graduate student’s thesis film, worked at & helped open TopGolf Austin, interned at the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival with Halcyon International (My Time at Cannes), and interned at both Virgin Produced & Color Force, where I helped to create the show bible for FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

I have worked as media coordinator for Minerva Consulting, where I handled everything from video production, to live events, to social media, graphics, & web design. I also continue to develop and produce films & scripts of my own, work as a media contractor, & continue to personally pursue & grow in a variety of other interests.

~Evan C. Yarbrough
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