2017 UT Alternate Uniform Mock-Ups

As a graduate of the University of Texas and longtime fan, I appreciate if not outright admire the simple design of the Texas Longhorn football uniforms. Just like many of the blueblood programs of college football, the design is simple and classic sticking with white and burnt orange (okay that color of the orange has changed, often to the dismay and frustration of fans). Then just the Texas name, a few required logos, and the shoulder stripes.

With energy building due to the new leadership and my own boredom from a lack of college football, I decided to take a go at adding a new take and life to the already classic UT uniforms. While I kept most of the layout and color design the same, my design would call for metallic/chromed accents along names, numbers, and logos.

I would pair the “Chrome” and “Icy Chrome” helmets with the “Away Ice” or “Home Chrome” uniforms and include the option to have a shinier chromed facemask. As for the other pairings, the “Gold Chrome” helmet would be paired with “Home Gold” and “Away Gold”, while “Orange Chrome” could be paired with any but I believe work best with “Home Chrome”, “Away Chrome”, and “Away Ice”.

For more detail on my design and the inspiration/reasoning around my choices, please read the blog post I created to further explain. Hook’em!