Music Audience Exchange

Music Audience Exchange (MAX) has built a platform for brands to reach their target audiences through breakthrough artists. MAX uses proprietary data science and organic engagement opportunities tot provide more authentic connections for brands with targeted audiences and provides the exposure and support that breakthrough artists are looking for.

My role at MAX has been to create content used by the marketing and sales teams to better explain MAX’s message to brands and artists. This includes a video on the Fan Experience that shows the variety of ways brands can target an artist’s fans. I completely owned this projects from conception, to motion graphics and editing, to the final product. It is now use on the front page of the company website.

In addition to the Fan Experience video, I assisted in executing the motion graphics and recording the audio for the MAX Overview video which is also on the front page of the company website. Have helped to develop, shoot, create motion graphics for, and edit On The Record, a series of artist interviews and live-performances that take place in the MAX offices. Plus, support the marketing department in creating decks, graphic design, and other assets that company may need.